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Here is a small sampling of other books available from J.W. Westcott.

Charting the Inland Seas, History of U.S. Lake Survey, by Woodford| Price: $13.95

Colregs, Study Guide & Ready Reference
, by Szczurek | Price: $29.95

Commercial Ships on the Great Lakes, by Franz A. VonRiedel | Price: $29.95

Communications Afloat, Chapman’s Nautical Guides, by Maloney | Price: $14.95

Ships of the Great Lakes Cookbook, Discover their Culinary Legends | Price: $24.95

Dangerous Coast: Pictures Rocks Shipwrecks, by Stonehouse & Fountain | Price: $15,95

Erie Wrecks, by Georgann & Michael Wachter | Price: $24.95

Essential Seamanship, by Henderson | Price: $8.95

Ghost Ships, Gales & Forgotten Tales, by Oleszewski | Price: $16.95

Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes, by Boyer

Ghostly Lights: Great Lakes Lighthouse Tales of Terror, by Hivert-Carthew | Price: $14.95

Handbook of Knots, A Step by Step Guide to Tying More than 100 Knots, by Pawson | Price: $16.95

Iron Fleet: The Great Lakes in World War II, by Joachim | Price: $27.95

Mackinac Bridge: a 50-Year Chronicle 1957-2007, by Mike Fornas | Price: $29.95

Mackinac Bridge, Images of America, by Mike Fornas | Price: $19.99

Marine Fire Fighting | Price: $40.00

Ninety Fathoms Down, Canadian Stories of the Great Lakes, by Bourrie | Price: $17.95

Pleasure Craft Guide: The St. Lawrence Seaway | Price: $5.00

Real Time Method of Radar Plotting, by Carpenter & Waldo | Price: $20.00

Ships and Men of the Geat Lakes, by Boyer | Price: $14.95

Ships of the Great Lakes, by Barry | Price: $24.95

Small-Craft Seamanship Manual, edited by Richard Aarons | Price: $19.95

Steamboats & Sailors of the Great Lakes, by Thompson | Price: $37.95

Survival Guide for the Mariner, by Meurn | Price: $30.00

Titanic, The Great Lakes Connection, by Kohl | Price:$16.95

Women Who Kept The Lights, History of Female Lighthouse Keepers, by Clifford | Price: $22.95

Wrecks and Rescues of the Great Lakes, by James P. Barry | Hardcover Price: $15.00 | Softcover Price: $18.95

For a complete listing of available titles, please contact us.

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