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To a Great Lakes Vessel

Phone: (313) 496-0555 (24/7)
Fax: (313) 496-0628
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To send mail:

Vessel Name
Marine Post Office
Detroit, Michigan 48222

To contact the office by mail:

J. W. Westcott Co.
12  24th Street
Detroit, Michigan 48222

A Great Lakes Legacy!

Along the Detroit River, on any given day, a well-known diesel motorship brushes up against a much larger, passing vessel. A rope and bucket are lowered from the ship to the smaller boat, where messages, mail and other items are placed and raised back up. It’s the tradition called “mail in the pail"…and a legacy known as J.W. Westcott, the most reliable and dependable marine delivery service on the Great Lakes.

When You Need Something, We’re There!

Since 1874, the J.W. Westcott Company has been serving the Port of Detroit, offering ship to shore service 24-hours a day, during the navigation season:*

At J.W. Westcott, we’re proud of our fine heritage and look forward to serving you in the future.